Saturday, April 19, 2008

Eco-Friendly Fashionista!

You can be an eco-friendly fashionista on Earth Day as well as everyday! Etsy has many shops that offer clothing and accessories that have been deconstructed, recreated, reconstructed, recrafted, reclaimed, and recycled. Many of these shops use organic fabrics such as cotton or raw silk. Natural or fabric reactive dyes are also used. These are just a small sample of the terrific items available from just a few of the many of the eco-etsy shops.

Eco friendly fashion

Gaia Conceptions Butterfly Shirt - $85
Jamie Keiles Reconstructed Plaid Skirt - $35
Mojo Trashion
Recycled Earring $5.50
A Second Chance EcoFriendly-Shrug - $50
Skiing Weaver Hand Woven Bamboo Scarf - $75
FrouFrouagogo Groovey Recycled Red Leather Bag -$42
Easy Street Vintage - Reworked Lace Slingbacks - $38
Whimsey's Cloth Shopping Bag - $10

Fashionista #3 - Summer Mix & Match

Another fashion magazine feature I always love is the collection of basic pieces that can be mixed and matched to create a variety of looks for day and night; casual and dressy. All these pieces were found throughout Etsy. Here is the collection of etsy summer wardrobe essentials that will take you from day to evening. Happy Shopping!

mix & match 1

Smoking Hot Red Soy Wrap Shirt from conscienceclothing - $60
Stove Pipe Gray Denim Pants from
passionit - $89
Handmade Simple Fun Market Day Tote from
Go Monkey Design - $25
Red Polka Dot Bandeau Bikini from
Harajuku - $80
Pure White Cotton BOHO dress/skirt from
Ma Petite Amy - $44
Brilliant Blue Leather Chic Flats from
Ma Petite Amy - $16
Black/White Obi Belt from
iamerica - $20
Colorful Seeds Necklace from Blue & White Wear - $15
Half & Half Bracelet from Blue & White Wear - $18
Striped Earrings from Blue & White Wear - $12

mix & match 2

Red Demin Wide Brim Sunhat from Sookie - $39.95
Red Patent Leather Belt from
VintageStyle 101 -$25
Blue & White Top from
justvic - $34
White Skinny Military Pants from
Stewwie - $120
Black Patent Leather Sandals from
rumdoxy - $12
Plaid Hampton Vest from
justvic - $30
White Disc Necklace from Blue & White Wear - $30
Blue Sodalite & Porcelain Necklace from Blue & White Wear - $30

Friday, April 18, 2008

Fashionista #2 - A Casual Look

All the pieces seen here are available from various shops on Etsy.
Here is a casual look for the weekend or any day:
My creation
href="">themachinestops - $79
Chinese Food Box Purse by
pursenalitybyletha - $25
Vintage Red Flats from
shopambrosia - $14
Double Happiness Earrings by
Blue & White Wear - $15
Double Happiness Necklace by
Blue & White Wear - $28
Porcelain & Denim Bracelet by
Blue & White Wear - $20

Happy shopping!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fashionista! - The Vintage Look

I love how the fashion magazines put together clothes and assessories to create various styles. MarieClaire's "Splurge vs. Steal" is one of my favorites. Here is my attempt to coordinate a vintage look totally from Etsy shops.

Dragon Tail Necklace from Blue & White Wear - $35
Blue Sodalite Earrings from
Blue & White Wear - $15
Vintage Polka Dot Dress form
Owl Eyes Vintage - $42.00
Vintage Navy & white Pappagallo spectator shoes from
Vintage Vogue - $11.99
White Straw Hat from
Vanity Vintage - $9.00
Navy Leather Purse from
Aurolac of Providence - $22.00

TOTAL $134.99

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Camera Obsession

A few Saturdays ago while I was wandering the stalls of the weekend market, I found an awesome camera necklace - decided "to wait." Then I found a great vintage camera t-shirt - in 3 different styles. Didn't buy that either! Talked myself out of purchasing it. It is the kinda thing that I would buy and as much I like it, I would just never wear it. Well, I am still thinking about those things but I know I'll never find them again. In the meantime, I have searched through
etsy to appease this obsession and have discovered some terrific camera items. Now what to buy? So many choices! So hard to decide!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Looking for Love?

If you have been looking for love in all the wrong places, here is the place to visit to help you with your quest. Every Thursday night at 9:30 people give offerings of red roses and incense and pray at the Trimurti Shrine in front of Central World Plaza. The golden shrine represents Brahma, the source/Creator; Vishnu, the Preservre; and Shiva, Destroyer/Creator. According to an article in the Bangkok Post, one should wear red, present offerings, and pray for his/her true love. The article also had accounts from people who had finally met their loves after worshipping at the "Love Shrine."This seems to be popular with the local population, but not widely known among the expat community and tourists. A single/divorced friend visiting from Canada decided to give it a try - after several years of experiencing various dating scenes with no prospects- it couldn't hurt. She returned to Canada - three months later, she met her man. Coincidence??
Thursday night I brought another friend and my daughter to the shrine. I'll let you know when they find their loves.