Thursday, September 29, 2011

Where the Wild Things Are! BESTeam Feature

Where are the wild things?  Check out these wild and adorable "critters" from etsy's BESTeam shops! This week post features Babamoon, Las Flores del Sur and Absolutely Kismet!   

3 to 6 Months Little Lamb Sheep Farm Animal Beanie - Crochet White, Brown Bobble Baby Hat - Infant Photo Prop 0 to 3 Newborn Hat - Bunny Hat Baby Beanie - Crochet Baby Hat Bunny Ears in Plum, White - Rabbit Hat For Girls - Infant Photo Prop 

These darlin' little lamb and bunny hats are from Babamoon!The bunny comes is a variety of colors.  Either one or even both of these would be a great gift for a newborn! There is even a bunny hat for adults!

Necklace Charm Pendant - An Owl in a Starry Night 

Las Flores del Sur has this lovely owl necklace - a silver toned owl and blue beads - gorgeous!
  Tiger Striped Heart Pendant on  Hemp Choker - 35cm 
I love animal prints so this necklace from Absolutely Kismet immediately caught my eye! 

Spider Wine Glass Charm Set of 4 
Absolutely Kismet also has these very cool spider wine charms!  October is just around the corner, these would be perfect for Halloween! This set of four comes in a variety of colors.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Machu Picchu, Peru

We recently spent a week in Peru visiting Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley!  What a beautiful country!  It was a wonderful vacation full of interesting sites and long hikes.  We spent several nights in Cusco which was the former capital of the Inca empire. Its narrow streets and plazas reflect life long ago.  Some of the highlights of this little city include Sacsayhuam├ín which is a walled complex made of large polished dry-stone walls, each boulder carefully cut to fit together tightly without mortar; a piece of paper cannot fit between the stones     - the stonehenge of South America - so unbelievably amazing; just as impressive as Machu Picchu.  Around the corner from our hotel was a Chocolate Museum. Create your own chocolate bar ( visions of I Love Lucy pop in my head as she and Ethel work in the candy factory).  We enjoyed walking around the town - there was something interesting around every corner.
Machu Picchu was our next stop - a definite must-see! Built by the Incas around 1450, it was abandoned about 100 years later. Although it was known to the locals, Hiram Bingham "rediscovered" it and brought it to the attention of the outside world one hundred years ago. There are many different theories about the origin and purpose of this amazing urban center.
 Ollantaytambo is a living Inca town in the Sacred valley and on the way to Machu Picchu. The town is located below the spectacular Inca ruins. It has been built on top of original Inca foundations and is the best surviving example of Inca town planning.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

BESTeam Feature: Lovely Whites!

Lovely Whites is the theme for this week and it will feature items from three BESTeam shops from Etsy:
Adult sunhat with a bow
Cute hat for toddler'sKnitful Dezigns, Off the Wall Expressions, and Jewelry by Jaynemarie

Check out these lovely white hats from Knitful Dezigns...The sweet little summer beanie with a bow and the very cute sun hat for those sunny days!  You are guaranteed to look lovely!

Off the Wall Expressions will add some lovely whites to your home decor:

Happily Ever After vinyl decal Sweet on You Vinyl Decal Vinyl Decals  When All Else Fails Take A Bath Must Be Love vinyl decal 
  These Lovely high quality vinyl designs are an easy and economical way to add your personality to your home. It's a quick way to renovate a room and add a little pizazz! The designs are easy to mount and remove.
Necklace, Pearl Flowers Romantic Sterling Silver Pearl Earrings Handmade Pearl, Swarovski Crystal and Sterling Silver Bridal Necklace

 Who can resist these lovely pearly whites from Jewelry by Jaynemarie! These are the perfect accessories for not only a wedding but for any occasion! Make an elegant statement! Jaynemarie specializes in Bridal jewelry and welcomes custom orders.

Monday, September 12, 2011

BESTteam Feature of the Week - Absolutely Kismet

This week's BESTeam post is featuring Absolutely Kismet, another wonderful Etsy shop! You will find a collection of wine charms, hemp jewelry, necklaces, earrings, stitch markers, and bracelets.Tiger Striped Heart Pendant on  Hemp Choker - 35cm   

I love this tiger striped heart pendant!  Animal prints are always in style!  And this is a way to add a pizazz to a subdued outfit. Make a statement!

Alphabet Wine Charms Rainbow Colored YOUR CHOICE of letters Set of 6 
These alphabet wine charms are too cute!  Six charms come in a set, so you can select which six letters you'd like! A great gift; so unique.  If your friends are not fond of wine, they can be attached to coffee mugs or tea cups - perfect for a Sunday brunch or afternoon tea.
Bow Tie Wine Charms Set of 6 Your Choice of Colors 
The Bow-tie Wine charms are so adorable!  They are available in a variety of colors that you can pick from.

For the knitters, there are stitch markers, another great gift or just something nice for yourself. 
Turquoise Kniting Stitch Markers US 6/3.5mm
You can  follow Absolutely Kismet on Facebook and Blogger!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

BESTeam - Empty on the Inside

Watch out Hallmark! These beautifully artistically created handcrafted cards from Empty on the Inside will become a worthy competitor!  Cards for every occasion are available. The cards are "empty on the inside" so that you can write your own personal message for that special person and occasion!
Iris, Blank Greeting Card, Flower Greeting Card, Iris Card  Bouquet of Flowers Blank Greeting Card, Flowers Greeting Card, Blank Greeting Card, Bouquet
I love this Iris card!                This Bouquet is also lovely! There are several different flower cards - these are just two.

Abstract Design, Blank Inside, Abstract Greeting Card, TrainAbstract Greeting Card, Blank Greeting Card, Any Occasion Card, Flowers, Petals & Dew
I am always fond of abstract designs and love the color combinations in these cards! 
Dog Blank Greeting Card, Black and White Dog Card, Blank Greeting Card, WinstonAbstract Tide 

Who can resist this adorable pup?!

You can also order a dozen of your favorite cards!  There is a card for every special person in your life as well as every special occasion!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sneak Peek!

The creative slump is over!  For months I have been totally uninspired, uncreative, and unmotivated to make any jewelry.  I am happy to report that I spent the entire weekend creating necklaces!  The first little collection is Oriental Blues.  We have been in Chile for over a year now, and this weekend I felt slightly "homesick" for Thailand - I 'd enjoy a delicious meal at the River Tree House, the torrential rain storms, and a trip to the Weekend Market. All those blue & white beads were calling me......

Cluster Pendant
The next little collection has been a work in progress, but I actually accomplished quite a bit on it today. Our school colors are red, white, & blue and the mascot is the eagle. So I put together some school spirit necklaces and earrings. The earrings are basic, but I plan to make some others with beads, etc. Which of these spirit necklaces do you like best?
Charm Necklace
Drop Pendants

Charm Cluster on leather

I hope to add these to my etsy shop this week! 

Friday, September 2, 2011

BESTeam - Upcycle, Recycle, Reuse

This week's feature is Upcycle, Recycle, Reuse - an eco-friendly shop with a mission to prevent the wasting of useful materials by making use of existing ones.  There are a variety of lovely handcrafted paper products which are created from "old" products which now have a new, fresh appearance.

I love this cat journal!  The front and back covers are from a cat calendar!  (What a great idea - always hate to throw away those beautiful calendars!)

 Yellow Butterfly Gift Tags, Set of 5 

Here is a set of 5 butterfly gift tags - feels like springtime!

 Home Decor Handmade Envelopes - Set of 3

Another one of my favorites - a set of 3 little envelopes! Great for little gifts, cards, storing tiny treasures and small trinkets. These interior design envelopes are so clever!  There are also envelopes featuring cats, fruit, flowers, butterflies, and tigers

Joyful Greetings Holiday Gift Box

It's never too early to plan ahead for the holidays!  These little boxes are perfect for those miniature gifts - no paper or tape needed!  Place the gift inside and your gift is ready to go! A simple little time saver - especially for those who dislike wrapping.

 There are a variety of cards for different occasions, holiday gift boxes, paper embellishments, upcycle containers, and handmade tags. Go green and help the environment!