Sunday, March 18, 2012


Time for a little bit of ZEN in the blogosphere, and these three BESTeam shops from Etsy can help you achieve a little nirvana.  First, Ancient Oils has an amazing collection of aromatherapy for physical and psychological wellness. This Meditation Oil will start you on a journey within to connect with your Higher Self.

Meditation oil - Higher Self blend               10 ml

There is nothing like a beautiful sunrise or sun set to help you relax and find an inner peace. Wearing this lovely Three Strand Golden Sunrise necklace by DeeDee Dzyns might help you achieve a bit of inner peace.

Mountains are also known for instilling a little Zen.  Empty on the Inside features beautiful hand painted cards - that are empty on the inside so you can create and personalize your messages.
Share your thoughts of inner peace with a special person with this mountain cards.

Trees Blank Greeting Card, Mountains and Trees Blank Greeting Card, Hand-painted Greeting Card,Timberline

Stop by and visit these awesome Etsy shops!
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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hawaiian Get-Away

Time for a little vacation and I am thinking a virtual trip to Hawaii is in order for our BESTeam members and fans.   
 Redemption Art has unique vintage Hawaiian pieces to set the mood ... 
This vintage coconut shell has a variety of practical and decorative uses!  Use it as a ring holder, a soap dish, and it looks great with a flower or a little candle.
Hawaiian Coconut Shell Cup Primitive Vintage Hand Made

Hawaii and hulas are almost synonomous ! This is a vintage Vargas Pin up Girl from WWII. Alberto Vargas was a Peruvian artist known for his pin-up girls.

Vargas Hula Girl Circa WWII

 Here's a wonderful picturesque guide to Hawaii's indigenous, native and imported and endangered species of birds. A great find for the bird watcher!

Flowers are the perfect fashion accessory in Hawaii. Flores del Sur has a colorful collection of flowers to wear in your hair or attach to your clothes.
 These bright and colorful flowers can be attached to your favorite projects - hairbands, clips, dresses, t-shirts, or bags.  Not feeling crafty?  

Poppy Pin Brooch Fabric - Orange
 This orange poppy brooch is ready to go - just pin on your favorite item - like a straw hat!
Fabric Poppy Headband - Red with black net, with glass beads
 Brush your hair and add this red headband - you are ready to go!
2 Hair Pins Rolled Ribbon in Fuchsia, Violet and Gray

 These fuchsia hair clips will add a little Hawaiian pizazz to your beach or evening attire!
   I hope you are now in a Hawaiian frame of mind. Stop by and visit these awesome Etsy shops! 
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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dance into Spring

Pantone has been the global color authority of fashion for over 18 years. This spring look for Tangerine Tango, Solar Power, Bellflower, Cabaret, Cockatoo, Margarita, Sweet Lilac, and Starfish. Wear these colors separately or mix and match them.  Stop by ShopStyle and browse all the latest clothing in these spring colors.  Hate shopping for clothes, don't want to spend the money to update your wardrobe, or maybe you just want a little something to feel fashion forward, take a peek at these versatile necklaces and bracelets:
Many of these have been added to my etsy shop, and the rest will be uploaded this week.