Monday, September 8, 2008

Girls Night Out - 3 Week Update

Week 1: We are all back and a new season of Wednesday nights has begun! Our first stop was Witches for happy hour. After two (small) pitchers of margaritas, we went next door for a foot massage! AHHH - heaven! Then we walked to Luan Suan for dinner at an Italian restaurant. Two new members have joined us - Jenn from HK and Kelly from Colorado. Marg also met us for dinner since the restaurant is across the street from her apartment.

Week 2: As we were about to leave for town, a torrential thunderstorm blew in. We could not get to the guard gate - Jeanette and Kelly were squished inside the guard house waiting for us. Mike and Cathy picked us up to take us to Marcy's for wine and snacks. It stormed for quite awhile - we enjoyed our wine by candlelight as the electricity was out. Marcia - we loved your old apartment. Carol - your couches are comfy! You are still with us. Once the storm ended about 7, we went to the Wine Connection for dinner. Even tho we didn't get to town - it was a fun evening.

Week 3: Movie night - Mamma Mia! Once our large group of eight arrived at Central World, we shopped around and had dinner at the Loft. Cathy bought a new toaster. Jeanette bought a fly swatter. Mamma Mia! was a fun movie! Since we were in the theater with the lazy boy chairs, it was too hard for us to get up and dance!

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