Saturday, January 23, 2010


I have had an obsession for wasabi for weeks now! Although I love Japanese food, I am especially fond of anything that I can add wasabi and ginger to! One of the local bakeries makes a onion bagel sandwich with salmon, dill, and wasabi - what a delicious combo! In the snack section of the supermarket, there are cans or packets of wasabi dried peas and wasabi peanuts! They can pack a punch! One of my favorites is wasabi flavored potato chips, but I haven't seen them in the stores in ages. Must look for them again.
Wasabi is also known as "Japanese horseradish." It is a root vegetable that needs to be grated into a powder and mixed with water to create the paste. It is served with sushi and sashimi. It is definitely an acquired taste.

Maybe I am taking this obsession a little too far!  I searched for "wasabi" on Etsy and found 432 items tagged with the term.  Wasabi catnip, lots of jewelry, scarves, hats, hairclips, soap, body scrubs, etc...Here are some of my favorites.  Click on the photo to visit the shop.


Piggy said...

Hi Claire,
Thanks for dropping by my blog! :) I am not THAT a fan for Wasabi, I take them in tiny tiny portion but I do appreciate freshly made ones as they just dissolve easily with soya sauce.

Love bagels tho but no onions. :P
What can I say, I am a picky eater.

God Bless

Chelsea Ling said...

lovely mosaic :)

Empress Jade said...

I used to live in Vancouver which has a large Asian population and loved all the Japanese snack foods: Spicy hot wasabi nuts and peas, Yum! Much harder to find now that I live in Victoria which is a much smaller Canadian city.