Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pink Lemonade        Come Shop at the Pink Lemonade Clothing and Accessory Boutique! You will discover a darling collection of woman’s trendy tops, chunky necklaces, and other jewelry. I was amazed that Paige the shop’s owner is a talented and creative 14 year old! She loves fashion, sewing, and beading. You can see her passion for girly things in her trendy tops with rosettes, the latest fashion trend for summer!  Pick from the colorful rosette tanks, custom flower tanks, or women's ruffle blouses!
 Don’t miss the chunky necklaces! Colorful strands of beads to adorn your neck! Perfect for spring and summer! And would really add spark to your basic black or basic white dress!

If you need a quick fashion update, stop by and pick out a colorful top or a chunky necklace.


naughtymonkeys said...

Great! What an amazingly talented designer!!

our home to yours said...

she has great tutorials also on her blog.