Monday, November 1, 2010

Tibetan Inspiration

My new Tibetan Collection of jewelry was inspired by my trip to this remote mountain area. All of the beads, medallions, Buddhas, and prayer wheels were purchased at the local markets.  The Tibetan women carry  the brass medallions with them all the time. These medallions have the animals of the zodiac and symbolize protection for the wearer's loved ones.  The women pin the medallions to the blankets in which they carry the babies on their backs.  They are also pinned them to their clothing.  The little white and brown beads which are used as prayer beads were purchased in Shigatze - they are bone with little bits of red and turquoise inlaid. The medallions and beads were found in the market in Lhasa.
Here's a sneak peek of my newest pieces. They'll be uploaded on Etsy soon.

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