Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just Peachy - Jewelry and Accessories

 Looking for something cute, charming, and whimsical?  "Just Peachy" at etsy has a great selection of hand crafted earrings, necklaces,  bracelets, and hair accessories!  Her collection of  earrings would be perfect to wear with cute spring dresses. The bold jewel-toned color combinations of her jewelry and hair accessories would compliment a summery white top or sundress. These pieces would brighten up any outfit - regardless of the season.


la Naváa said...

Super Cute! I ♥ the buttons!

LittlePeachFuzz said...

Thank you so very much! Such a lovely feature!

HeadpinWear said...

Love your Button Earrings!
So creative :)
I also "Fav'ed" your shop on Etsy.