Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ancient Oils - A Besteam Feature

Solar Plexus Chakra - Athena, Greek Goddess of Intuition  Salt Bath -     10 oz
Bast - Egyptian Cat Goddess Nail Formula    (Improved Formula)     10 mlDead Sea Mud w/ Aloe Vera gel  (6 oz)
Lavender Essential Oil - Undiluted Therapeutic Grade          1/3 ozAncient Oils’ shop on Etsy has a wonderful collection of handmade products – representing aspects of a variety of goddesses: Artemis for strength, Gala for grounding, Coventina for purification, plus others. Some of my favorites are Bast, Egyptian Cat Goddess, which nourishes and restores your nails – this is a necessity for the cold, dry winter weather. I also like the Dead Sea Mud Mask for hydrating and exfoliating the skin. There are four different scented pure therapeutic grade essential oils, which are known for their healing and spiritual properties. According to the shop owner, “The blends are uniquely design to enhance the Goddess principals within you, remove blockages in energy centers, and lift your spirits.”

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This is such a great shop!
I really like the layout of your feature with your text and photo's. Very complementary. That will be something I will have to explore!