Friday, July 20, 2012

Etsy Promos

I am enjoying the summer vacation in upstate NY and preparing for our move to Saigon. Since I foolishly put my jewelry inventory into our sea shipment which will not arrive until mid-September, I have been neglecting my etsy shop.  Really cannot promote it, if I cannot provide the goods at this time.  So, I am promoting goodies from other etsy shops.

Rather than just a random selection of items to promote, I have created a little procedure to follow. Each day I search for a "Favorite" item.  First, the item must be something that I really like and would purchase (if I were wealthy - I would buy all the items I select).  Second, it should have a low number of views and admirers and few, if any, treasury appearances.  Third, I add the item as a "favorite." Fourth, I tweet it on Twitter. Fifth, it gets pinned on Pinterest on my "Etsy Favorites" board. Sixth, I may feature the item here on my blog. Hopefully, this brings more views and sales to my fellow etsians!

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