Sunday, April 5, 2009

Khao San Road, Bangkok

Khao San Rd is a great place to people watch! Khao San is a legend among the backpackers. There are lots of little guest houses (over 100). Inexpensive street food and restaurants abound - (see pic of vendor with fried bugs). And of course the typical fast food places such as McDonalds are available. Travel agents will help arrange transportation to your next destination. On a budget - no problem there is great shopping for those with limited funds. For those who enjoy a little night life, you'll find several clubs and bars lining the street. You can get a tattoo, have your hair braided, and get an outfit custom made by a tailor.
During Songkran (Thai New Year) the street is packed with people participating in the water fun! Be prepared to get wet!


nuvonova said...

Oh I'd love to go there, I'd love to go to Thailand in general! It looks so amazing.

I was born there and don't remember anything. Have been in the UK since I was 2 and not really been back since.

nutmeg click said...

oh oh! Thailand is one of the few places in Asia i've never been. it looks astounding!