Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Sandwich Generation

    It's been awhile since I last updated. I went to NY to help my elderly parents for a few weeks.  They have had a tough time for the past couple of months - health wise. It was good that I was able to see them as they are doing so much better now. I also had a chance to visit my in-laws who also continue to live independently.
    I guess I am beginning to join the 20 million Americans that are a part of the Sandwich Generation; now caring for elderly parents and children.  I realize that I am slightly more fortunate than most at this time - my parents and in-laws are still self-sufficient and able to live independently in their own homes, and my children are young adults with college degrees, beginning to make their own lives. 
      Having lived in Asia for many years, it is apparent that the care of the elderly is built into the family structure and culture. It all makes sense.  Unfortunately, we are half-way around the world from our families.
     This is a touching video clip about a family caring for their elderly father - In researching on-line, I found this helpful article by Money magazine for surviving the "mid-life tug-of-war."  It has links to many valuable resources and services to help you through what can be an intensely stressful period of life. For those of you who have been through this or are living through this now- you have my sincere admiration! 

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Chrisy said...

I haven't heard that term before 'the sandwich generation' quite apt tho isn't it. A book I found very useful is Elder Rage by Jacqueline Marcell...full of useful info...