Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weekend Shopping

Chattuchuk or the Weekend Market is one of my favorite places to shop! So many little stalls; so many things to buy. These pics were taken by my daughter a few weeks ago on one of our shopping expeditions. 8000 stalls of everything imaginable - old, new, clothes, purses, shoes, silk, food, pets, handicrafts, furniture, beads, musical instruments, home decor, plants, etc. It's fun just to wander around! You never know what you'll find!


Anonymous said...

Omg I want to visit!! Even just looking at the photos is fun!

Lemon Shortbread said...

chattuchuk is one of the best shopping experiences I've been to! I had a good advice from a friend: if you see what you like buy it, or you won't be able to find the stall again! =)

Blue & White Wear said...

LS - That is the best advice - which I try to follow! When I decide to wait & see, I always regret it because I can never 1. find the shop again or 2. it's been sold!