Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hola from Chile!

We have been in Chile just over a month now!  Our move has been so smooth and easy - everything has come together like clockwork. Within our first week, we bought a car and found a house. The second week we moved in and our shipment arrived from Thailand. We spent that weekend unpacking - there is just way too much stuff!  With our house sort of "ready," our jobs began!  Santiago feels like home!
My first impressions:
The scenery is amazing!  There is always a view of the Andes no matter where you are.  The snowcaps loom over the city.  The people are so friendly and helpful!  Since it is winter, it can get rather cold!  But I am enjoying the change of temperatures and came prepared.  It can be colder inside the house/building than outside.
All is well,  and we are enjoying this new chapter in our life. 

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