Wednesday, August 24, 2011

BESTeam - Zen 25 Release Me Creations

After reading Maureen's profile, I felt that I could relate to her!  She began creating jewelry while she stayed with her parents during the last few months of her father's illness. In search of a distraction and a release from the day to day stress, she began to craft jewelry. It gave her a positive way to channel her energies. Creating jewelry became a way of meditation.  It created an incredible release for her heart, mind, and soul. This resulted in her etsy shop -  Release Me Creations. Something similar happened to me in 1995. I spent the summer with my parents while my father had to have an aneurysm in his stomach removed.  Driving back and forth to the doctors (an hour trip one way) and the hospital - compiled with worry and stress - I needed something else to occupy my mind. I discovered small quilts and figured I could easily sew one!  I found a sense of peace and a release of the stress I felt.

Ok - this post is about Maureen's etsy shop which has such unique necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and cuff links/tie tacks!  I cannot pick a favorite as I love them all! The Love Letter Necklace, Nautical Compass Necklace,  Tiny Carousel Necklace, and Nautical Dive Helmet are just too darling! (Click on the photo to be transported to Release Me Creations).

 Check out this whimsical Pewter Castle Ring:

You can also visit Maureen here:

Her Website





our home to yours said...

ohhhh, I love that carosel pony charm!

Connie Lou said...

Great feature, I love her eclectic style, you never know what new and unique creation you'll find there!