Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hawaiian Get-Away

Time for a little vacation and I am thinking a virtual trip to Hawaii is in order for our BESTeam members and fans.   
 Redemption Art has unique vintage Hawaiian pieces to set the mood ... 
This vintage coconut shell has a variety of practical and decorative uses!  Use it as a ring holder, a soap dish, and it looks great with a flower or a little candle.
Hawaiian Coconut Shell Cup Primitive Vintage Hand Made

Hawaii and hulas are almost synonomous ! This is a vintage Vargas Pin up Girl from WWII. Alberto Vargas was a Peruvian artist known for his pin-up girls.

Vargas Hula Girl Circa WWII

 Here's a wonderful picturesque guide to Hawaii's indigenous, native and imported and endangered species of birds. A great find for the bird watcher!

Flowers are the perfect fashion accessory in Hawaii. Flores del Sur has a colorful collection of flowers to wear in your hair or attach to your clothes.
 These bright and colorful flowers can be attached to your favorite projects - hairbands, clips, dresses, t-shirts, or bags.  Not feeling crafty?  

Poppy Pin Brooch Fabric - Orange
 This orange poppy brooch is ready to go - just pin on your favorite item - like a straw hat!
Fabric Poppy Headband - Red with black net, with glass beads
 Brush your hair and add this red headband - you are ready to go!
2 Hair Pins Rolled Ribbon in Fuchsia, Violet and Gray

 These fuchsia hair clips will add a little Hawaiian pizazz to your beach or evening attire!
   I hope you are now in a Hawaiian frame of mind. Stop by and visit these awesome Etsy shops! 
  If you have an Etsy shop, please consider joining our wonderful here to join the BESTeam.

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our home to yours said...

Hawaii is my dream vacation spot! and those flowers are the perfect accessory.