Sunday, March 18, 2012


Time for a little bit of ZEN in the blogosphere, and these three BESTeam shops from Etsy can help you achieve a little nirvana.  First, Ancient Oils has an amazing collection of aromatherapy for physical and psychological wellness. This Meditation Oil will start you on a journey within to connect with your Higher Self.

Meditation oil - Higher Self blend               10 ml

There is nothing like a beautiful sunrise or sun set to help you relax and find an inner peace. Wearing this lovely Three Strand Golden Sunrise necklace by DeeDee Dzyns might help you achieve a bit of inner peace.

Mountains are also known for instilling a little Zen.  Empty on the Inside features beautiful hand painted cards - that are empty on the inside so you can create and personalize your messages.
Share your thoughts of inner peace with a special person with this mountain cards.

Trees Blank Greeting Card, Mountains and Trees Blank Greeting Card, Hand-painted Greeting Card,Timberline

Stop by and visit these awesome Etsy shops!
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Love it!

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Love the choices - and the write-ups too. Look forward to your next post!

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