Saturday, January 7, 2012

Beaches in Chile

Renaca Beach
Renaca Beach
It has been ages since I posted anything about life in Chile! Since I have the time now that I am on vacation, I thought I 'd post a little info on Chile's beaches. At the beginning of our vacation we drove an hour and half from Santiago to the coastal city of Vina del Mar!  There is a long sandy beach in Vina which seems to blend into  Renaca Beach. We settled on Renaca with its massive waves pounding the shore all day long.  Blue skies, hot sun, and the sound of the surf!  

Beach at Zappallar
One day we drove along the coast to Zapallar, about an hour north of Vina. After a delicious seafood lunch, we walked over to the beach - this sandy beach in a horseshoe shaped cove was much smaller than the beaches at Vina and Renaca, but the setting was beautiful.  The water was icy cold with rough waves.  We enjoyed a few hours in the sun!

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